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Designing for emails

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Email design is a tricky thing to do. There are many more limitations with it than there is for web design or mobile design.

Email design is pretty old school and uses tables for design. Meaning anything you design has to be contained in a square and nothing fancy an be applied to the styling. So any gradients and drop shadows are a no. Unless you were to make that area into an image.
Your font choices are also limited to web safe fonts like arial, times new roman, helvetica etc. If the design is to contain real text you will have to stick to those fonts and make sure text and image/styling do not overlap as this isn’t plausible in most email clients.

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What I Learned About Web Design in 2014

By | Graphic Design, UI Design, Web Design

2014 has been the year that I’ve learned a lot about UI/UX and design principles. It’s been a very busy year for my growth as a designer and I plan to keep on top of that this year so I can deliver the best possible work I can.

I’ve compiled a list of what I have learned over the past year working in a design agency.

1. Mobile first / Responsive Design

When designing for multiple platforms over the past year I’ve come to the realisation that everyone wants a mobile first approach to their website. Meaning the best way to achieve this is to make sure everything works in a responsive grid with the correct margins, widths, paddings etc.

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