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By January 22, 2015 October 7th, 2017 Graphic Design

Logo design¬†is always a tricky business especially when you’re designing it for yourself. You are your biggest critic.


I initially started with research into what sort of logo types are out there and had a look around on pintrest, dribbble and behance for my main bulk of research. I then went on to sketch out a number of concepts that I thought could work or had some basis to a solid design.
Some of the thumbnails I sketched out are actual existing designs. I wanted to feel how they were created and just get a feel for the weight of the line.
After the initial pages of sketch I consulted a few different people on ideas. I even pondered the idea of having my name in Arabic before deciding on keeping it in English lettering.
I eventually settled onto a design style I liked and sketched out a few more ideas before moving onto creating a logo for myself.
My main struggle with designing this was trying to figure out how sketch would work with a tablet and pen tools. Turned out rather tricky to get a hang of so I opted to using illustrator instead, something I am far more familiar with and now how to work around at the moment.
I kept myself true to the original designs from my last set of thumbnails, I decided to tweak things out a bit and see how it looks. In the end I chose the design that stood out to me the most and feels like it represents me. which is the top right ones design, bold, crisp and readable.
Final logo designs to choose from

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