Simple Design Principles for Devs

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The other day I sat down at my machine and googled what design principles are out there and honestly the results that I got back where so abstract that they confused me. If a UI designer like myself can’t completely decipher these principles within a few minutes then what chance does someone have from a non design background?

Design principles

design principles
design principles
design principles
design principles

We’ve all probably heard about google material design and that it isn’t the only design language out there. We have apple design principles, GDS desing principles, Microsoft design principles and many many more.

Google design materials is a very popular system and is a great starting point for foundations however it shouldn’t be the end goal. There are a few examples of what apps look like side by side, they’re very similar in look and feel.

This is an example of google not following their own principles. Any of their iconography should be easily treatable as paper craft. I’m sure it’s doable if you have enough spare time and a knack for using a craft knife.

Even google ignore their own guidelines.

They’re guidelines, not law. Rules are meant to be challenged in design.

Centre aligned text and rounded search input
Smaller icon
Icons are more to the right
Left aligned text
Slightly rounded border
Icons are more center aligned

Swarm app is a great example that you can create a consistent experience across multiple platforms. Notice any differences? Apart from a few minor differences this application remains true to itself and identity.

Consistent visual language across a product makes a huge difference on both platforms. You know you’re in this app despite the platform. It uses principles from both design guides and merges them together into this beautiful and usable app.

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