2014 has been the year that I’ve learned a lot about UI/UX and design principles. It’s been a very busy year for my growth as a designer and I plan to keep on top of that this year so I can deliver the best possible work I can.

I’ve compiled a list of what I have learned over the past year working in a design agency.

1. Mobile first / Responsive Design

When designing for multiple platforms over the past year I’ve come to the realisation that everyone wants a mobile first approach to their website. Meaning the best way to achieve this is to make sure everything works in a responsive grid with the correct margins, widths, paddings etc.

Below is an example of me using guides to make sure I’m working to a standard grid.


2. Big Imagery & Videography

In 2014 I saw a lot of trends for big large imagery towards the start of the year and then towards the end of the year I begun seeing more videography towards the end of the year and the incorporation of illustration into web design. I really enjoy the use of illustration into web design. It brings a fresh element to it.

Oxitalia Ideamatic-Digital-Experiences BORN

3. Simplicity in design

I’ve always been a strong believer in having your website displayed as minimal as possible to enhance the experience for the user and it seems it’s a trend that has kicked off over the past year in design. Content has become smaller and more spaced out and imagery & Typography has been used to set the mood for the design.

4. Typography

Green-Chameleon Talk-PR


Typography has really kicked off this year and it seem like it is the best way to create emphasis on certain aspects of contents that the client wishes to have highlighted in terms of importance.

5. UX is important

I’ve learned last year that UX is a very important aspect of designing any application be it for web platforms or mobile. A lot of people will throw the term around without knowing what it means so it’s my job to actually do the research and make sure the design goes in the right direction from the planning stages.

6. Wireframing

It’s a good to plan out the entire project and have the clients sign off on the initial concept and make sure everything is functional and working. This is a stage I like to be involved in, especially if I’m to be lead designer for the project. I’d like to know how it all works and give my input on anything that has been missed off or could be crucial to making or breaking a design.

7. Not everyone wants a flat design

Quiet a lot of clients don’t want a super flat design for their business. I’ll have clients making absurd requests and as much as I try to shoot down the idea but when they have their hearts set to it their is only one thing you can do. Make sure the design works as best as possible and is very functional.


I think this year will be a year I pick up a lot of new skills and be able to put them into practise. I look forward to a productive 2015!


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